yamalogo  It makes perfect sense. ­ An outboard that takes it upon itself to optimize everything from quick starts and responsive performance to its own longevity. Our Prime Start Autochoke system automatically sets choke and throttle settings for instant starts. Microcomputer Ignition adjusts ignition timing for smooth performance. Multi-Function Gauges monitor vital engine functions. Precision Blend Oil Injection injects the precise amount of oil for every situation.

Then there's our Ox66 Electronic Fuel Injection, the only EFI in the world for 2-stroke engines ­ and the first outboard EFI to attain automotive performance and fuel efficiency. An exclusive oxygen sensor measures exhaust gas oxygen content to precisely adjust the fuel output. And Six independent fuel injectors/throttle valves give each cylinder its own fuel supply. What does it all mean? Simply that you get excellent starts, instant throttle response, optimum fuel efficiency, top performance and greater engine life. That's one smart outboard.

Brech Marine offers a full line of Yamaha Outboard engines to buyers throughout the South East.    Contact us today for models and availability.

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